Steps to Take When Appealing a Dismissal from Nursing School

Steps to Take When Appealing a Dismissal from Nursing School

A dismissal from nursing school can be frustrating and devastating. But you may be able to appeal the dismissal successfully with the help of a nursing student lawyer. A dismissal is possible when you violate the school’s code of conduct. 

Academic and Sexual Misconduct in Nursing School

Nursing students can be accused of academic or sexual misconduct. Academic misconduct allegations include cheating, plagiarism, forgery, and theft. Such serious allegations can get you expelled from your school. Also, your transcript can bear these records when you are allowed to graduate after facing another penalty. Overcoming this mark on your academic record can be difficult as it can impact your ability to secure a job in the future. 

Meanwhile, sexual misconduct allegations can include on-campus harassment, stalking, or rape. These trigger Title IX investigations. Unfortunately, federally-funded schools may not afford accused nursing students the due process rights they deserve. But the student can tell their side of the story when they have an attorney on their side. This prevents harsh consequences including dismissal from school. But those who have been dismissed from their school can appeal the decision. 

Follow the School’s Procedure

Refer to the student handbook to know who to talk to for your concerns. Usually, you may need to speak with your professor first, then the department chair. Your lawyer can make a written appeal for you. 

Make a Paper Trail

When proving your case, you should have physical evidence you can present during your appeal hearing. For example, if you want to dispute a grade, you can use rubrics, old exams, or syllabi for pointing out the discrepancy. Additionally, you must keep notes of any conversations you had with a faculty member during the appeals process. 

Stay Respectful

No matter how desperate you may be to win the appeal, you must stay respectful to stay in the school. When you deal with the appeal, you need to be civil when corresponding with the nursing school and its faculty. 

Hire an Attorney

Look for an attorney who has experience in the kind of problems you are facing. Then, provide the attorney with related records, a paper trail, and facts that they can study. This allows them to represent your case at the hearing when allowed by the school. In addition, your attorney will create letters for the school, cite relevant case law that may strengthen your position, and perhaps negotiate with the school.