Snaptube -2022 Free Video Downloader, Convert Video to Download Music


SnapTube may be a free app for humanoid that permits you to transfer videos and music from YouTube , Facebook , Instagram and other video services in high quality. The app is obtainable via APK – that is, there’s no download from the Google Play Store – and is that the just one of its kind that creates it potential to download any music video from YouTube on to MP3 format, while not the necessity for an additional secret writing method or plugin . On PC, it may be used with the help of a Google mobile system ape . The program isn’t compatible with iPhone ( iOS ).

What to seem for in an exceedingly video downloader

only if the complete purpose of a video downloader is efficiency, it’s vital that the one you utilize meets a number of minimum standards. Here’s what to look for:

No personal knowledge collection. A video downloader ought to solely would like your email address, if it asks for any personal info at all.

fast and straightforward to use. Your video downloader should have an easy computer program and be quick enough to not throw a wrench into your Youtube video creation gears.

Multiple platform support. It’s best if you utilize one video downloader to grab videos from all the video hosting and social media platforms you use. Unfortunately, reckoning on wherever you transfer videos, you will not be ready to cowl all the bases with one video downloader. however wishing on fewer video downloaders is better.

Malware free. Any video downloader that installs malware is disqualified.
As you almost certainly expect, all the simplest video downloaders price exploitation meet these requirements. and a few of them go the additional mile.

combine any of those transferers with Biteable, and you’ll be exploitation your recent videos to form shiny new ones in no time.

YouTube video downloaders

The directions for the way to download a YouTube video can vary slightly from video downloader to downloader. however it’s a straightforward method to choose up. And most video grabbers have a walkthrough for brand new users.

With that, here are the simplest YouTube video downloaders.

NOTE: it’s amerciable to download YouTube videos that you simply don’t own. you must solely use the tools mentioned here to download videos for which you have got full rights.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader hits most the high notes: it’s free, simple, and capable of downloading videos from many totally different platforms. it’s thereforeme limitations, however it’s a solid video grabber.

the most feature of the 4K Video Downloader is correct within the name. It downloads video in resolutions up to 4K, that is nice for exploitation your downloaded videos in new videos.

The 4K Video Downloader covers all the video quality settings, so you’ll make certain your downloaded clip matches the standard of the new video you’re making.

The videos you grab exploitation this YouTube video downloader are compatible with all video uploading platforms, therefore repurposing content for different channels may be a breeze. the sole draw back is that it’s only capable of downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

But, then again restricted social media compatibility, this can be a solid do-it-all YouTube video downloader.

YT Cutter

YT Cutter is good if you would like a YouTube video downloader just for grabbing clips, as against entire videos.

instead of downloading the complete video, then exploitation your video editor to snip the specified section, YT Cutter only downloads the a part of the video you want. That way, you’ll plug the downloaded clip directly into the video you’re operating on, with none trimming. This YouTube video disagreeable person additionally downloads entire videos, if you would like them.

however this can be a YouTube-specific downloader. You’ll need another downloader to grab videos from social media and different video hosting sites. However, YT Cutter is an economical possibility if you simply grab videos from YouTube.


Snaptube is another super fast and straightforward video downloader. It grabs videos from YouTube quickly and supports video quality settings all the high to 4K. That way, you get no matter video quality you would like to match the video you’re making.

Additionally, SnapTube is compatible with all the social media platforms and a broad vary of different audio and video hosting services.

professional tip: Stick your downloaded videos into a YouTube video model to make compilation, mashup, and content review videos in an exceedingly snap.

Instagram and Facebook video downloaders

Most of the simplest Instagram and Facebook video downloaders are identical video downloaders that you’d use for grabbing videos from YouTube. however there’s one that’s distinctive to the Facebook and Instagram video downloaders category.


Videoder truly accustomed be a YouTube video downloader. And it absolutely was one amongst the best YouTube video downloaders. however they’ve since discontinued YouTube support.

However, Videoder still downloads videos from Facebook and Instagram. It additionally downloads videos from nearly all over else—TikTok, Vimeo, and over fifty different sites.

Also, Videoder is capable of downloading videos in up to 4K quality, for people who got to match the standard of their transfered clips to the quality of the videos they produce.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader is one amongst those that additionally works on YouTube. the massive marketing points of this one are that you simply will download videos in up to 4K and therefore the software system is free.

Softorino Video convertor a pair of

Softorino Video convertor 2 also works on YouTube. It’s nice as a result of it works on just about any device or in operation system.

Unfortunately, the video quality is capped at 1080p. That’s not terrible. however 2K and 4K choices would be nice.


KeepVid is one amongst straightforwardst|the only|the best} video transferers. Grabbing videos from Facebook and Instagram may be a fast three-step process. therefore it’s excellent if you only got to grab your videos and go.


Snaptube is another carryover from the YouTube video downloaders category. It’s additionally another super simple video downloader. All you actually need to do is copy and paste an internet address to download videos.

professional tip: Grab your videos from YouTube and use them as Facebook and Instagram selling stories and video posts.

Twitter video transferers

Most of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube video grabbers may also download Twitter videos.

However, Twitter-specific video downloaders are a rather totally different animal. Most dedicated Twitter video downloaders aren’t standalone software. They add your browser (just like Biteable!). All you have got to try and do is copy and paste the online address for the Tweet.

this can be super convenient. however it also makes most of the Twitter video downloaders basically the same. This list are short and sweet.


Videoder is that the solely Twitter video transferer price mentioning that has downloadable software. It’s a really capable video disagreeable person that may download up to 4K video. however it’s not as convenient as an easy web-based Twitter video downloader.


you’ll seek for a video with keywords, find the video/channel/playlist you’re trying to find and download it. though there’s no SnapTube for PC, it may be used on this platform through an humanoid virtual machine on the PC.

With a decent interface, SnapTube stands out for being simple to use and complete. Per licensing rules, SnapTube isn’t offered on the Google Play Store. This forces the user to transfer the program’ apk file. once downloading, you would like to authorize its installation and at last get the app on Android.

The program is incredibly comprehensive, as despite its specialise in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, it supports an outsized range of on-line video services.


simple to use and at identical time very complete
Supports great amount of video services


Not offered on Google Play Store
Unable to put in program on iOS